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The Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) was established in 1973 as an operating division within the GBI to serve as the chief provider of criminal justice information services in Georgia. Since then, the principal mission of GCIC has been to assist all officials and agencies of the criminal justice system in the fulfillment of their varied responsibilities on a statewide basis by providing round-the-clock access to needed information.

The Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) Unit is responsible for maintaining computerized files on stolen property, wanted persons, missing persons, and other information on the state and national computer system. This unit functions twenty-four hours a day. The GCIC Manager is also responsible for state and federal UCR reporting, Police Records retention and destruction, and processing criminal history Expungement requests for the department.

Georgia Open Records Law makes most basic incident reports public records, however, in some cases there are exceptions in the law that do not permit us to release reports to the general public.

Mission Statement:

It is the Mission of the GCIC department to provide to our clients efficiency, confidentiality, accuracy and expedience.

Kim Lewallen, TAC Coordinator.jpg

Kim Lewallen, TAC Coordinator

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