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Public Utilities Department:

Although the Town of Mt. Airy’s Public Utilities continues to expand at a rapid pace we are constantly trying to find ways to keep up with the demands of this growth and at the same time keep rates and charges as low as possible for you, our customers.

Water Quality Report:

The safe and reliable production of drinking water, free of harmful bacteria and other pollutants, is our top priority. Strict drinking water standards control all aspects of treatment for our public water supplies (treatment, storage, and distribution) to ensure the delivery of safe water to consumers. Our goal is to meet or exceed all standards.

Water Service 

The new occupant shall apply for water and/or garbage within forty eight (48) hours after occupying the premises and failure to do so shall make him/her liable for paying the water consumed and the garbage services since the last meter reading.

Type of Service: Deposit:

Residential Home Owners $100.00

Residential Renters $100.00

Commercial Owners $100.00

Commercial Renters $100.00


There is a FIFTY DOLLAR ($50.00) non-refundable administration fee charged in addition to the security deposit.



Tap Fees:

Each consumer subscribing for new use to the water system/service of the Town of Mt. Airy shall pay a connecting or tap-on fee as follows:  

                Inside town limits ¾” $1000

                Inside town limits 1”  $1250

                Outside town limits ¾” $1400

                Outside town limits 1” $1650

Monthly Water Rates:

All water furnished by the Town of Mt. Airy to Residential or Commercial users or Residential or Commercial property located within or without the corporate limits shall be metered and computed monthly and paid for at the following rates effective February 2018:

Inside Town Limits:

0-2000 Gallons $20.00

2001-10,000 Gallons $5 per thousand

10,0001 & over Gallons $8 per thousand


Outside Town Limits:

0-2000 Gallons $33.00

2001-10,000 Gallons $6 per thousand

10,001 & over Gallons $10 per thousand

Garbage Service:

The Town of Mt. Airy will provide one 95 gallon single rolling trash cart per household. Pickup is every Thursday. Please have your cart out by 6 AM. Monthly charge will appear on your water bill as a separate line item. $18 per cart.

Fire Protection Services:

Home and Business owners in the Town of Mt. Airy are subject to a fee for fire protection services. $8 per month.

Responsibility for Leaks:

ALL leaks, which occur on the discharge side of the water meter, shall be the responsibility of the property owner. It shall be the responsibility of the Water department to maintain and repair the water line ending at the meter inlet coupling and the meter. Customers or property owners shall be charged for water consumed due to any leaks on the customer’s side of the meter.

Meters are read around the end of each month. All water and/or fire protection/garbage bills are DUE UPON RECEIPT. Payments not received by the due date are subject to a late penalty.


Past Due Accounts:

Payments not received by the due date each month shall allow the Town, in addition to all other rights and remedies, to terminate agreement, and in such event, the water and/or fire protection/garbage user shall not be entitled to receive, nor the Town obligated to supply, water and/or fire protection/garbage under the agreement. Services will be terminated without further notification.

Services terminated for non-payment of bill shall be restored only after payment of account is received in full, such security deposit as may be required by the Mayor and Town Council is made, and a reconnect fee paid of:

1. Twenty-Five dollars ($25.00) for the first offense.
2. Seventy-Five dollars ($75.00) for the second offense


Suspension of Service:

When water and/or fire protection/garbage service is discontinued and all bills are paid, the security deposit shall be refunded to the customer by the Town. Upon discontinuance of service for non-payment of bills, the security deposit shall be applied by the Town of Mt. Airy toward settlement of the account. The Town may proceed to collect any remaining balance in the usual way provided by law for collection of debts.

Payment Methods:

  • Mail your payment.

  • Bank draft.

  • 24-hour Curbside Drop-Box

  • At our office located in the Town Hall

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