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Town Clerk:

The position of Town Clerk is recognized as an executive officer of the town, along with the Mayor, Commissioners, and City attorney. The Town Clerk acts on behalf of the Town.

The Town Clerk’s duties include: Utility Billing, Property Tax, Alcohol Licenses, Building Permits, Business Licenses, Open Records, Election Compliance, Agenda/Minutes Management, Annexations, Ordinance/Resolution Management, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Budget, and keeping town records as well as answering questions, complaints, and inquiries of the general public.

Administrative Services:

The Administrative Services Department focuses on maintaining the financial health of the Town and taking care of our employees and other resources. We promote best management practices throughout the Town’s departments and provide assistance for all administrative functions, including human resources and risk management, budget, accounting, and information technologies.

Mission Statement:

It is the Mission of the Town Clerk to provide high quality customer service in a timely manner to the town commission, general public, town staff, and other govermental agencies.

Mt. Airy’s Administrative Officers include: Tim Jarrell, City Manager/Police Chief and Sheri Berrong, Town Clerk.


Town of Mt. Airy 2013 General Fiscal Budget (44 KB)

Town of Mt. Airy 2013 Water Fiscal Budget (40 KB)

Town of Mt. Airy 2013 GCIC Fiscal Budget (34 KB)


Sheri Berrong, Town Clerk           


Tina Griffin, Assistant Clerk

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